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Benefit from Our Experience

Event planning can be such a hassle, let alone adding yacht rental to the mix. When Daniel and I planned our wedding aboard the Majesty, one glaring difficulty was finding and selecting the best vendors for our event.  It was time-consuming, stressful, and overly confusing, because there are far too many options available. In order to achieve our dream yacht wedding, we were going to have to make compromises. Sacrifice is a nightmare for any bride to be!

By the time we chose our vendors, we were faced with other concerns:

  • Can we trust this person to follow through? 
  • Does their pricing meet the level of service we require?
  • Do we have to make more compromises?
  • What are they going to mention later that they should have said upfront?
  • When are the hidden fees going to pop up?
  • Is there any way to forecast those in our budget right now? 
  • Speaking of budget – where are we? Are we over? Under?

Hindsight being 20/20, we learned what would have made both our yacht rental and event planning experience much more seamless. ONE trusted point-of-contact filtering all options on our behalf, compiling the relevant/budget-conscious options that met our event specifications, and having them presented to us for final decisions. That, friends, is what they call ZEN.

​​Host the event of the year on board a private yacht right here. 

"Loved working with GKYS for a recent event. Gaby is incredibly knowledgable about the industry, and no detail is too small. Would be happy to work together again. Highly recommend!" Samantha F.

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"{Gaby} is fabulous to work with – made everything super, super easy and painless for our Yacht Cruise on the Delaware in Philly last month. 
The Yacht was beautiful, staff was amazing – definitely a class A Event all around."

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"Had the best time Gabs! Thank you so much for a wonderful evening! You did such an awesome job giving us all 
your personal touches and attention. I hope we can do it again and again!!!"

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