​​They weren't returning our substantial deposit, and would not be performing any services that were agreed upon in the contract signed 6 months prior.

We were one of almost 20 clients who were all in the same boat. After working out our strategy to proceed with our wedding as planned, having one of the most memorable days of our lives, and leaving for our honeymoon, Dan and I had an epiphany …

No one should face the same situation that we and 19 other couples faced when our planner took our deposits and split.

And who better to provide the same services, but a young, driven couple who have the same passion and values as the clients they serve? 

We’re here to share our love and experiences for all things nautical.  And by combining our experience and understanding of what this unique industry entails, we bring your dream yacht event to life.

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...and how we got here

Sometimes in life, the opportunities we didn't even know we needed tend to arise in some very mysterious (or surprising) ways.  They often come disguised in the form of a major failure, disappointment, or situation completely out of our control that gives us the impression we're victims of life's unknowable consequences.

Just months before our yacht wedding, I received a call: the wedding planning company we were using for most of our vendors, including the yacht venue, went bankrupt. 

Every couple’s ultimate worst nightmare, right? It actually got worse...

Here we are tying the knot on board the Majesty, the largest yacht in the northeast!

Our Story...

Have it on a Yacht.