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Corporate Event Planning Made Easy

Cultivating a talented team for your business is paramount, so why compromise that same need in selecting a team of professionals to create your corporate event? Golden Knot Yacht Services understands your needs, and can support your efforts in putting together an event appropriate for your corporate space. 

Whether your event falls under holiday parties, fiscal year presentations, lead generation events, client pitches, award ceremonies, customer appreciation parties, educational seminars, or networking events, Golden Knot Yacht Services has the solution. Our exclusive vendor relationships offer your company the assurance of a concierge experience throughout your entire planning process. We take the stress out of vendor evaluation, scheduling, and booking by supplying you food, service, and entertainment options to fit your budget. Without the need for you to do any supplemental homework on your own, so you can get back to work.

When it comes to a corporate event, we know there is a lot at stake. Let us help you keep your course. #wink


Corporate Yacht Events 

NJ Corporate Party Cruise
NJ Corporate Event Cruises

Golden Knot Yacht Services offers all-inclusive event packages for your consideration; each filled with options to take your event to the next level. Our partners have been personally reviewed and approved, providing you with a selection of top notch entertainment and customer service. Our goal is your peace of mind.