Golden Knot Yacht Services NJ Yacht Rentals


Hailing Ports: Pier 40 & Pier 15

New York City

Pickup in NJ available, additional fees apply

Length: 97 ft 
Bars: 2nd level
Rest Rooms:  1st level
Outdoor Patio Deck

For the more personal occasions, the Esprit will not disappoint. With a dashing lounge on the 2nd deck and dining on the 1st, there's enough space for your guests to roam and feel free while still preserving the intimacy of your affair. Classic nautical vibes with a luxurious setting make the perfect setting to converse over spirits and exquisite food. The views of the NYC skyline will stay embedded in your guests memory for years to come. Can seat 64 guests, and with a buffet 56 guests.