Cost of 3 day charter: for budgets $300,000 plus

SeaBourn Odyssey

About the SeaBourn Odyssey

Length: 344 Feet                             Guests: 112 Max

SeaDream Mega-Yacht

Golden Knot Yacht Service is proud to offer accommodations on-board the spectacular SeaDream Mega-yacht. The 56 staterooms, open bar and gratuities, highly personal service and world-class dining give you the most extravagant cruise available. 

The extensive activities and amenities that comes with the monumental SeaBourn Odyssey create a luxury experience that Golden Knot is thrilled to provide. 

Length: 650 Feet                              Suites: 229

Retreat in ultimate luxury
Retreat in ultimate luxury

About the SeaDream

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Cost of 7 day charter: for budgets $1 million plus