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Cost of 7 day charter: for event budgets of  $1 million and up

Cost of 3 day charter: for event budgets of $300,000 and up

Length: 344 Feet                             Guests: 112 Max

Mega-Yacht Retreats

If you’re looking for a way to treat your employees for a successful year while also building group unity, could a yacht venue be for your group?

 If your first instinct is to say "YES," then make your annual trip enchanting and unforgettable on board one of our Mega Yachts, available for full ship private charter. There’s no better way to boost morale than by getting everyone out of the office for a week and cruising where there are no obstacles and nothing in your way....the open ocean. 

About the SeaDream

Take a look at our Mega-Yachts!

SeaDream Mega-Yacht

Length: 650 Feet                              Suites: 229

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About the SeaBourn Odyssey

​​If you chose to book one of our yacht retreats you could be cruising in your choice body of water, resting in 56 to over 200 staterooms, quenching your thirst with an open bar, and savoring every bite of the all inclusive dining plans.

That's why we're proud to boast such a unique retreat. There’s nothing like the cool ocean breeze, to allow groups to focus on strategic plans, goal setting, celebrate honored employees, learn, train, but most importantly make memories that will forever be associated with YOUR company. So for your next company retreat, have it on a yacht.

The extensive activities and amenities that comes with the monumental SeaBourn Odyssey create a luxury experience that Golden Knot is thrilled to provide. 

SeaBourn Odyssey

Golden Knot Yacht Service is proud to offer accommodations on-board the spectacular SeaDream Mega-yacht. The 56 staterooms, open bar and gratuities, highly personal service and world-class dining give you the most extravagant cruise available.