Have you ever been on a yacht that can seat 1,200 people for dinner? Better yet, have you ever been on an event, wedding, or party on a yacht that can hold 1,200 people? 

Since we work with yachts nationwide, we have yet to see a yacht that boasts
this kind of atrium and size specifically for events. Your guests will be blown
away by getting this cruise ship like feel they won't see anywhere else...
besides a cruise ship.

Check out the tour for yourself, and you might find your head spinning with
every reason you can think of to plan an event on this yacht docked in Hoboken, NJ.

New Jersey Yacht Rentals Available: 8

Hoboken, Weehawken, Jersey City, Perth Amboy, & Atlantic City

Accomodations: 10 to 1,200 guests seated

Price Range: $$-$$$$

View Site Tours from our partner yachts docked in Hoboken!​​

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If you are planning an event located in Hoboken, Weehawken, Perth Amboy, or Atlantic City don't look any further. We have the venue for you! The ship featured in these video tours are just one of the many Yachts you can chose from for your special day! Just picture how stunning your wedding or private party would look aboard a beautiful ship like this!