Golden Knot Yacht Services NJ Yacht Rentals

                     Minimum Guest Guarantee                   
Mon thru Thurs                  75 
Friday                                   75
Saturday Lunch                  75
Saturday Dinner                 75
Sunday Dinner                    75

Length: 130 ft.
Width: 42 ft.
Maximum Speed: 10 knots
Dance Floors: 2
Bars: 3
Rest Rooms: 6
Bridal Suite: Yes
Ceremony Area: Yes

3rd Deck

Hailing Port: Perth Amboy, NJ​

                     Minimum Guest Guarantee                   
Mon thru Thurs                  135 
Friday                                   135
Saturday Lunch                  135
Saturday Dinner                 135
Sunday Dinner                    135

The Princess is the star event cruise ship on the Raritan Bay. 
This ship has a dining room on each floor, a bridal room, observation deck (15,000 sq.ft.),
can accommodate up to 200 guests combining the 1st and 2nd deck, and 75 guests on the 3rd deck for a fantastic Northern NJ cruise!


1st & 2nd Decks